Ez-ISO is Revit Add-in software to extract Non-Scale ISO drawings using piping models created in Revit.
· Reduction of human error and reduction of drawing cost / time when creating piping ISO
· Developed by 「Huensystem」 individually ISO engine, so drawing creation time is fast
· Create an ISO drawing by selecting all or part of a pipe
· In combination with PMS data sheet, Single Line Isometric creation, dimension and tag input, and BOM(Bill of Material) creation automatically

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Ez-Spool is Pipe Spooling & Spool Fabrication Management Software.
· Automated production of Welding Map drawings(Erection & Fabrication) to set up and produce of piping
· Drawing history management(Cloud Mark, Revision NO, Note) & Comparison
· Report output(Weld List, Erection BOM, Spool BOM, Dia/Inch Summary)
· EIF(Revit), IDF(PDS/PDMS/AM), PCF(S3D) file formats

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PEDAS-Foundation : Main Foundation Structure Design for Plant
· Systematic and simple design process
· Various Equipment / Structure foundations design
· Automated Optimal Design
· Automatic FEM analysis & analysis and interlocking of STAAD plate
· Pile / Non-Pile Foundation Design, Ring Wall Tank Foundation Design
· Calculation and Drawing Generation

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    · Process
    · Engineering
    · Piping
    · Procurement
    · Mechnical
    · Construction
    · Architecture
    · Commissioning
    · Civil
    · Integrated

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