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Work Process


Collaborative Working Environment

- Software helps you more easily manage a projectand designed to handle multiple users.

- Program has various functions for execution, reporting and monitoring by stage and offers collaborative working environment.

Welding & Spooling

- Program has several flexible options to take care of efficient welding implementation and spool cutting.

Drawing Generation

- Fully automatic creation of drawings for fabrication and erection.

Revision Management

- Software has been designed to transfer changes from one to another revision by referring work done in old revision.

- Weld and part number and determined whether to keep or change by comparing coordinates, UCID and pipe geometry.


Fully automatic generation of Erection and Spool Drawing

- No further action required from drafter

- Generate Bill of Material & Reports

Fast and accurate work process

- 90% savings in work time

- Reduction of errors in the work process

Any company, Any projects, Any standards...

- Can be customized as per specific requirements

- BOM & weld data can be exported to other systems

Not required AutoCAD License

- ez-Spool uses own 2D-CAD Engine

- Batch Converting to AutoCAD format for Plotting