About us

Turn your imagination into reality Our goal is to create the future together with You.

IT technology has now become an essential aspect of our daily lives. In particular, application software, which is our main area of expertise, plays a crucial role in the productivity and technology of various industries. We have successfully transformed clients' ideas into reality and achieved their satisfaction by delivering high-quality solutions.

As a young, passionate, and innovative technology company, we are fully capable of meeting the diverse demands of customers for enterprise information solutions and engineering solutions. We are committed to providing the best service possible. We sincerely appreciate your support as we continue to grow and fulfill our commitments to you.

Thank you.

CEO Jae Duk Choi
Huen System Co., Ltd.
Professional Engineer Information Management, PMP, Senior Information System Audit



    We deliver the best value
    to our customersand design
    the future with them.

    - Support for Differentiated High Quality Technology
    - Provision of the Best Service
    - Strengthening Communication for Our Clients
    - Opened Possibilities for Client's Requirement

    People value
    I think the best.

    - Giving Employees and Customers the Best Value
    - Creating a Pleasant Working Environment
    - Continuous Human Resource Development

    We respond to market and technology
    changes quickly and pursue
    continuous technological innovation.

    - Active R&D Investment
    - Technology through Solution Development of The World's Best Quality
    - Preoccupancy / Market Expansion
    - Securing Technical Experts

CI introduction

  • Human

    - Enriching human life is the goal of engineering and Huen's purpose is for the engineers themselves to active engineering.


    - Huen's solution is focusing on the field of engineering.

    9 Circles

    - Meaning about know-how / experience / technology of Huen in the solution field of various engineering.


    - Expressing the green as the thought of "Enriching Human" engineers seek.