Solution List

  • Solution Name Type Description Discipline
  • 4D System(3D Model/Process System Linkage) construction It is the system that generates, simulates and manages 3D models combining 3D objects (SP 3D) and WBS (Primavera). After it uses activity information of Primavera as WBS information and SmartPlant 3D system structure and links 3D+Primavera data, it links and utilizes data needed for review, then reviewed information is resent to Primavera. process
  • Workfront Management System construction It is the system to calculate workfront, one of the main management index of piping construction by main piping information (BM, delivery schedule, weld joint information) from design, purchase and construction. process
  • Construction / Quality / Process Management System construction It is the detailed construction process management system. It computerizes process management work of EPC project[Plant/Power], improves speedily production of on-site process work, increases progress work reliability between order companies by managing and calculating for construction rate based on the system, and updates on-site process management work by establishing accurate R&R. integrated