Solution List

  • Solution Name Type Description Discipline
  • Plant Integration Estimation System estimation This is the system managing budget and estimation of overhead cost, direct cost, construction cost and service cost for project management. It is the system designed for making quick decision making by calculating the optimal competitive amount, managing and collecting comprehensively data (quantity, price and labor cost) created by each division (department) when performing bidding business. integrated
  • Piping / Instrument Sales Management System procurement Kyeam Technologies Management Information System is the comprehensive system that supports enterprise management and decision making for an executive. It builds a database that enables comprehensive management and processing of materials, and performs features such as estimate / order / purchase / inventory / approval processing, select processing, generating reports, electronic document management. integrated
  • Construction / Quality / Process Management System construction It is the detailed construction process management system. It computerizes process management work of EPC project[Plant/Power], improves speedily production of on-site process work, increases progress work reliability between order companies by managing and calculating for construction rate based on the system, and updates on-site process management work by establishing accurate R&R. integrated
  • Project Performance Management System(EVMS) It is difficult to grasp the status of business due to lack of interrelation and data level difference of process and cost management system. In order to overcome the issue, this system constructs an internal linkage management model that systematically links process and cost, calculates performance factor (budget, performance, progress payment) and index (CPI / SPI) by process-cost data. It can forecast schedule, final project cost and calculating the report such as project progress. integrated
  • Enterprise Organization Chart Management System It is the system that easily manages a real-time organization chart in a large construction company having various project organizations. It easily generates enterprise-level department and project organization diagrams based on ERP personnel DB and makes it possible for anyone to view the latest data. integrated
  • Flowchart Management System Generating various work flows in companies such as for construction and pharmaceutical is usually stored in the format of a file as MS-Office PPT, so it is difficult to share the entire company and to access the latest information. This system is quickly and accurately generating the complex Process Flow Chart by using flow chart symbols defined by a user, attaching and sharing related documents at each process to facilitate teamwork and communication. In addition, each process can be linked to a sub-process, so that it is easy to generate and manage with complex processes. integrated
  • Document Management Document management and information between members on the project site are shared. In addition, this system manages the distribution history of construction collaborating companies, efficiently manages documents and quickly shares construction information by establishment of document management system by each site. integrated
  • Commissioning Management System commissioning After a plant construction at the field construction, the confirmation must be completed through commissioning before Turning-Over the plant system to the client. This system is the system for systematically performing and comprehensively managing these commissioning work. The commissioning work using IT system at the large-scale plant construction becomes increasingly essential these days. integrated