Solution List

  • Solution Name Type Description Discipline
  • BIM System engineering BIM system based on Revit(BIM software) developed by Autodesk. This system is the BM automatic calculation and integration management system by Family-based modeling in Revit, and is designed to be used integrally by collaborating companies and related departments. The model can be easily converted to Tekla and PDS, and this will reduce unnecessary modeling work on work processes. architecture,civil
  • Civil Engineering Quantity Estimation System estimation This system is the plant civil engineering estimate quantity calculate system managing input values and calculating quantities in Data Base, and generating detailed and automatic calculating by each Type and WBS. architecture,civil
  • Foundation Design System (Hyfos) estimation,engineering The system automates the foundation design of concrete in the plant field. We have improved the productivity of civil engineer by automating design processes such as Load Definition / Geometry Definition / Analysis / Tie-Girder Modeling into a GUI-based system. It is possible to design Tie-Girder not only various shape types, then most foundations in the plant field can be designed. architecture,civil
  • Tidal Power Generation Simulation System engineering The simulation program for computation of the optimal scale and generation amount of sluice gates and hydraulic turbines for tidal power generation according to the change of tidal water-level. Simulating of power generation amount through the tidal power generation plant earlier, which is emerged as an eco-friendly power generation, is directly linked to the success of the project. civil